Work, Life, and Money – Finding a Balance and Not Going into Extremes

People who know me understand that I am a hybrid, a mixture of classic and contemporary; a bit of a yin and a bit of a yang. Some approve, while some greatly disapprove my outlook on life, because I choose not to move towards one side of the coin – rather I choose to find a balance. Now whether the coin is a metaphoric presentation of work, life or money, I do not choose to give precedence over one, neglecting the other.

For this dire need of balance between my job and my family, the corporate world may look down on me for not willing to work beyond 8 hours. The world may scorn me for not being career-oriented or ambitious enough. Society may laugh on me for remaining mediocre. Because in the world we live in today, it is mandatory to give it your all towards your job, because that’s what validates your existence. I refuse to follow this.

I refuse to go towards an extreme. So, with all this pressure, I’ve come up with a few logical parameters I’ve applied to life in general. Sharing it here, so that anyone being in my shoes, may get some help too.

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